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A Gif for you - the FAQ


Section 1: Ordering and payment

1) How long will it take for you to do my Gif?

This depends on what you need. A simple Gif with little frames does not take as long as a Gif with about to 20 frames.

2) Will I get the whole copyright?

Yes, at least for the specific Gif you bought. This means, that YOU are the only one who decides, what will happen to that Gif and who can use it. But there are limits of course: You  don't have the right to pretend that you did the Gif, and if you used any of my comic-characthers, you won't get the copyright for that characther or for the comic-series itself.

3) Speeking of comics: Can you do a Gif with other Comic-Characthers than yours, i.e the Simpsons or Donald Duck?

No! First, I don't have the right to do so. And then, I won't be able to draw them.

4) How can I pay? Do you ask payment in first?

Yes. Don't take this personally, but I don't feel like doing a lot of work (And to do a Gif IS a heathen lot of work!) for just your blue eyes! So if you definetely want me to do a Gif for you, I'll start when I got your cheque.

5) And what if I dont't like what I get ?

Now, I will send you samples of each phases of the work. If you want any changes, tell me so and I'll do it.

6) Those changes cost extra?


7) Do you accept credit-cards?

Actually not.

8) Can I order from anywhere in the world? What is the currency you want?

Yes, from anywhere. This is the www, America is supposed to be as close as Australia... Now, since I am living in France/ Europe, the currency I count with is the Euro. I tell you the US-Dollar prize to give you an idea of the costs. But do make the cheque in Euro founds. (Ask your Bank)

Section 2: General questions.
(some really don't have much to do with Gifs, but since people stay asking that, I hope I can give a response one for all!)


9) How old are you? are you married? Wanna marry me?

None of your buissnes! But, okay, if this information makes you sleep better:  I was born back in 1965.. ...and yes, and no.

10) How did you learn to draw?

By doing it.

11) My 4 years old son does draw pretty good himself: Can you tell me what I can do to help him to become a famous artist?

First, let him become an adult! And then, lets say that much childern like to draw! This is not necessarly a sign of a future carrier as a drawing-genius! Just let him draw and watch  his school-duty anyway. If he really keep up drawing troughout the years with a strong will to do this as a professional, He should learn a profession like graphist. Because artists rarely make a living with their art. As a graphist, he can make an income with what he likes to do and stay on drawing comics (or whatever) in the evening.

12) Why are you doing "pagan Gifs"? Sounds weird!

Well, I am actually pagan! Would it be weird if I drew christian Gifs? We all have our beliefs, (or not) and we all have the right to be creative with them! If you don't like the pagan Gifs, don't klick them!



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