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Books of Diana

Ha! Theres no excuse anymore for not reading the comics of Diana, since they are (at least some of them) translated into english!! So what are you waiting for, folks? buy this stuff!!!

Here's what is available at this time:

frenchie.jpg (54388 Byte)
Prize: $ 4,50
+ Shipping costs
USA: $ 2,30
Europe:  $ 1,50

Frenchie Doudou# 1

The American publisher Shanda Fantasy Arts, well known for his antropomorphic series such as Katmandu, Shanda, the Panda and others, has a new series: "SFA-International" features foreign titles. Within this concept, are translated the books of my german series "Doudou". #1 "Wild paths" is out since 1998, the seccond issue "Grove of evil" is at the printer!

How can you get this book?
There are 2 possibilities:

  1. *At your local comic-shop. If  Doudou is not in stock there, they can order it from the publisher. If they don't want to order it, take your buisness elsewhere!

  2. *Me! I have a couple copies at home and - I can sell it to you signed with a extra, original drawing in! Isn't this worth to order it even from America?

How to order: send your request with payement (check) to:
Diana Sassť-Kopetzky, 12, Rue de l'Aunot, F-88240 Harsault, France.