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My comics

I drew my first comics on the edges of schoool-sheets and got trouble for it more than one time! Later, I   drew comics for French Fanzines in the early eighties. Not that those Zines where very professional, but they had a lot of originality and I was so happy that I could show my work to more people than only my shool-friends and relatives.

It was back in 1988 when I finally got myself published as a professional (speeking of earning a little money for! ) by a small German publisher. The series where called "Loan" and is still running today, altough not at the same publisher.
Besides of "Loan" I had an other universe "Doudou, the poilu" Doudou is published as a comic-series since 1994 and since last year, also translated into English and published in the USA by Shanda Fantasy Arts.

While "Loan" is a realistic serial and "Doudou" a fantasy, both universes are featuring horses and soldiers. I loved to draw horses since ever and my likes for European-history, especially the German-French one, finally resulted in this very special mix which is typical for my work.

The main inspiring artist who influenced me at the beginning where French Artists like Derib, Giraud, Leloup and others.
American readers will probably also notice a certain similarity between my work and the one of Donna Barr: Similar Themes and almost similar artline. I admire Donna a lot and we are in touch together since over 10 years.  I had the pleasure to receive her at my German farm when she was on her trip trough Europe.
But in spite of this, each of us created her universe alone and no one was influenced by the other. In fact, when we knew us, our comics already existed as regular book-series in our respective countries and we where exited to see the similarities.
You may now want to learn more about my  main series, "Doudou"

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