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Your personal Gif!

Want me to do a personal Gif for you? You feel like having some great ideas but not the possibility to realize them?

Well,  I can draw and animate a Gif based on your personal wish! Once you bought it, it will be yours, with the entire copyright! Just tell me what you have in mind and I'll tell you what I can do and what it will cost.

As a reference: A Gif with 4 frames start at 20 USD

Please contact me and tell me what you wish. I will tell you what is possible and what it will cost - as a free information, with no obligation for you!

After this, if you are decided to give me the order to start, I will then ask you to confirm your order in a proper E-mail. I have also to ask you the payement in advance.
As you may have noticed, I am trying to stay more than affordable, but please understand that I can't work for nothing either! If after payement you don't like what you get, There is the possibility to make changes without further charges.

My E-mail:

You may also want to read the faq!