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Doudoukopf.gif (3727 Byte)  FRENCHIE DOUDOU

Doudou is a French soldier, roaming trough a fictive Europe.  He is a "poilu" (spell "pwah-loo") which was the name of a regular french soldier in the real WW1. In Doudous world, the poilus are soldiers as well, but not in a first time. They are merely roaming hunters and warriors.
Like most of the poilus, Doudou's  particulary likes are onto the horse-germans: Fascinating creatures, half  horse, half human.

The horse-germans - often simply called "Boches" (bosh) - exist in two kinds: the four-legged ones, real centaurs, with a mostly "horsy" mind and the "bipeds". The bipeds would look almost perfectly human, if they haven't a horse-tail and horse-ears.
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The boches are appreciated, but really do not have   many rights!
In fact, they are treated like common horses in our world. As such, they have to pull carts and carry riders. They are also slaughtered for meat. This is shocking to many readers, but this series are also meant to raise awarness for the situation of the animals in reality troughout this fable.

DOUDOU is published as a book-series in German. The original title is: Doudou,der Poilu Three issues are out until yet. And the series continues!

And now, Doudou is also published in the USA! Find out here about the available books

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