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skull.gif (5391 Byte)

Need a pic? I can draw it for you! In alomost every style. And for any purpose! High quality 300 dpi pics for paper printing, or 75 dpi pics for web illustration. Simple, few-stroked drawings and fine, detailed paintings. Taking a pic from Diana means to be sure that you don't get the average stuff every one else has.

kalb.jpg (36712 Byte)What does it cost?

If you look at those two pics, the skull and the calf - simple drawings in this kind would cost around 15 USD.

If I have to be more detailed, i.e with a background, and or/ painted colors,  a single picture will start at 50 USD. Of course, these are only aproximative prices. To evalue the cost of a project, I have to know the details.

loanmarcel.gif (18387 Byte)How to start?

Just send me an e-mail and describe me, as clearly as possible, what you have in mind. I will then tell you what exactly the finished artwork will cost.

If after this, you want me to do the job, you'll have to send me the payement first. (check) A check sended via Airmail from USA to France (where I live) takes about 5 days to arrive.

selbstportrat-diana.jpg (38573 Byte)Approvals?

You can have an approval from any phase of the work!